Lievaart Trucks is of the leading dutch dealers specializing in used and reconditioned trucks, trailers and heavy-duty machinery. There is a stock of about 350 pieces, so anyone has the opportunity to find all the necessary types of vehicles, makes, years of production and prices. Besides, our expert competence allows us to provide clients with such extra services as export inspection for your machine, stacking, transportation both from and too harbours, airport services and so on. We continuously monitor truck- and heavy-equipment trading industry. And in the meantime there is a great opportunity to customize your truck in our personal workshop in concordance with your requirements.

Over the years, we proved ourselves as real experts when it comes to trucks and trailers sales. So with us, you are at the correct please for picking and purchasing the truck a one of top brands like Renault, Man, Volvo and Iveco. Feel all the benefits and find the perfect truck at perfect price with Lievaart Trucks' help.

Extra Services

Complete range of services

APK Inspections, RDW Import Inspections? We will gladly arrange those for you! Also small repairs, the transport, export documents and insurance papers. Stacking or shipping trailers is no problem at all.

Inspection Certificates

Do you need an inspection certificate? No problem. After the sale we will be glad to provide a General Periodic Inspection (APK) or an export inspection for your vehicle(s).


We have our own workshop. We can also provide assistance for small repairs to trucks and trailers.

Transport To and From the Harbours

We regularly ship trucks and trailers. We are well versed in fulfilling all the arrangements needed, as well as in arranging transport to and from the harbours of Rotterdam, Antwerp, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. We will arrange it all for you.


If you wish to transport a number of trailers at once, then these can be stacked on each other. We have the necessary expertise and will be happy to help you.

Airport service

Are you travelling to Lievaart from abroad, or by public transport? If we can be of any assistance we will be happy to arrange transport for you from the airport or central station.